Full colour lithographic leaflets


Base label full colour printed


A laminate seal gives easy access


Supplied ready for application

Communicative labelling solutions

We can manufacture leaflet labels bespoke to your requirements. Ainsworth offers one of the quickest turnaround times in Europe for multi-page label products, increasing the efficiency of the supply chain and reducing costs. Our experience of working with these labels for more than 20 years means our product is reliable and of superlative quality.

We can manage the whole label supply chain from design and pre-press either in house or working closely with your designers to communication with your labellers and packers to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

Currently we offer self-adhesive labels using a wide selection of materials and adhesives. For example, Polyethylene and Polypropylene, varnished, reinforced and a variety of permanent adhesive papers.

Leaflet Labels

One of our agrochemical clients supplied us with over 30 pages of A4 text to communicate: directions for use, material safety data sheet and other important pieces of information. Our expert design team was able to fit all this and more into an all-encompassing full colour leaflet label.

The label needed to comply with CRD regulations (The Chemical Regulation Directorate) and was to be applied to a 15 litre bottle. The ‘bottle’ size of the labelled product meant we selected a polypropylene base label suitable for all items that need labels to stay legible without the protection of additional packaging!